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“Here the tapestry is woven …in a grand, cinematic way” — Beach Sloth

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A dark sense of beauty dominates MELØ’s achingly lovely “Things We Lost”. The yearning found on here is palpable. With honeyed vocals presenting their own pained lustful glances, the songs are best taken in as a singular whole. Incredible melodies radiate throughout. In fact, despite the obvious electronic origins of the sound itself, there is a living, breathing quality to the entirety of the journey. Somehow the vocals manage to infuse so much pathos into each verse adding to the impact. This is helped in part by how much attention to detail they give their narratives, ensuring that they reflect upon a life lived to the fullest. Nods to Depeche Mode appear throughout. Incorporating elements of alternative rock within the synthesized textures certainly draw from Depeche Mode’s influence. Perhaps a bit more determined and defiant than Depeche Mode at certain moments, theirs embraces the dance floor. Pieces of New Order’s smoothest grooves dot the soundscape. On the newer side of things they are in good company with such 80s retro groups like Neon Indian and the Weeknd. Much of their work does have its own distinctive flair about it one that propels the whole thing forward in a delirious blur. By far the highlight of the whole collection comes with the epic opener of “Things We Lost”. Here the tapestry is woven together in a grand, cinematic way for it has a giganticness to it. Pounding piano chords introduce “Mysteria” where the sprawl of the sound has a celebratory mood to it, with the dance aspects of the track quite engrossing.


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