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"It's 10/10 for XEX! At the top of the year, I introduced you to... MELØ" — Bill C. S. Music Blog

Article Snippet:


At the top of the year, I introduced you to Windsor, Ontario singer/songwriter MELØ and his catchy single “Mysteria”. You can find that song as well as three more on his EP Things We Lost, including the intriguing “XEX”. Again drawing from a myriad of influences that transport you back to the middle of the 80’s, and I might be entirely wrong, but “XEX” to me is an anthem to that which is intangible or unexplainable in the world, which is encouraging to those who always enjoy a good mystery. In some ways MELØ’s songwriting in “XEX” reminds me of British pop group China Crisis, who have an art for writing songs that often are about nothing in particular. That places a lot of emphasis on the production, harmonies and melody, which are all solid on “XEX”.


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