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MELØ: "They always call the cops on us, we drove the neighbors nuts" —Synth Pop Lover


"DB: First of all thank you for submitting your music to my podcast. I absolutely loved playing your track and video clip of Mysteria on the podcast.

How did your musical journey start for you?

MELØ: Originally I am from Thunder Bay, Canada but moved to Windsor, Ontario at a young age. Windsor’s nickname is South Detroit, it is a border city to Detroit, Michigan. The diverse Detroit music scene helped spin my creative mind into form. As a teenager growing up in the Windsor/Detroit area, I was consumed by the Detroit blend of techno, punk and everything else in between.

I started playing with a hand-me-down guitar at 12 years old and right away started writing songs and forming jam bands with my brother and some of the neighborhood kids. We drove the neighbors nuts; they would always call the cops on us.

DB: Haha! The cops probably got tired from knocking on your door. Haha!

MELØ: I played in various original and cover bands throughout the years with my brother. We would perform in School Talent Shows and Battle of the Bands. It was the best feeling. "


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