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"Tip your toe into its dark and delicious waters..." —Darren Baker, of Dancing About Architecture

Review Snippet:

"Past releases such as Things We Lost and Black Leather Fantasy have shown MELØ to be more than just a purveyor of dance tunes. In the modern age, you need to offer more than just an infectious beat and an addictive groove. MELØ indeed imbues his tracks with that, but there is so much more going on here too.
The connective vibe that runs through his music is a heady blend of illicitness and sophistication that is the hallmark of the dance scene and the clubs that cater for it. A mix of high class and street culture weaves a sense of escapism, adventure…even hedonism… that the dance music world feeds off, and the latest single, Hopeless Romantic Creatures, is oozing with such qualities.
Even before you tip your toe into its dark and delicious waters, the title alone gives you a sense of the sultry flavours to follow, suggesting being lost in the moment, looking for love where ever you might find it and for whatever purpose. It implies freedom and fun, abandonment and desire.
And then, the music starts. Well, less mere music and more the soundtrack to the night of your life, potentially, and certainly the soundtrack to the life of the night. It might at first sound like a simple collection of beats and grooves, dynamic shifts through highs and lows, euphoric feelings and addictive dance culture motifs, and yes, it is all that, but that is the beauty of it."


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