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“We don’t own the night”...making it an anthem..." — Jenna Melanson, Canadian Beats

Review Snippet:

With a robust 80s-inspired beat, “Hopeless Romantic Creatures” pulls you in from the beginning.
As the lyrics begin, we’re treated to bold vocal stylings that mingle with the beat perfectly. This track could easily be placed in a sci-fi or horror movie, and it would feel as though it was written especially for the film. That being said, the song has no problem standing on its own.
Although straightforward lyrics, for the most part, the song’s complexity shows in the eccentricity of the beat and vocals. Through the song, lyrics such as “We don’t own the night” and “We’re hopeless romantic creatures of the night” repeat, making it an anthem of sorts.
So sing it with me, “We don’t own the night, We don’t own the night…


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